Corrugated Resin House Plastic Planter
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Corrugated Resin House Plastic Planter

Tall square plant pots for indoor Livingroom decoration.
  • KLG190006

  • Kailai plastic

  • Medium  Large 

  • Square  Tall 

  • Ceramic effect 

  • Plastic  Resin 

  • Modern  Beautiful  Nice 

  • Plants  Flowers  Tree 

  • Indoor and outdoor  Living room  Floor  House 

Product Description

Modern style planter


You can grow a single plant in a container, perfect for outdoor ,indoor house and living room use.


Kailai plastic modern style corrugated flower pot entails the perfect composition of efficiency and looks. Set to give an edge to your flora, the large plant pot complements the decor of your indoors, orchards, terrace, patios, balconies etc. The durable resin material fortifies the longevity by making it UV resistant, frost resistant, and resistant to casual wear and tear. The spacious planter accommodates considerably more soil to provide enough moisture and strength to your potted plants.


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Kailai plastic is a leading China supplier of garden planters and large modern pots for plants, Our modern、vintage、nordic、classic and contemporary designs make our planters an ideal addition to the home、balcony、patio or garden.

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