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Why Recycled Plastic Materials?

Plastic – it's a material that can help shape a brighter future. however, The world is facing a plastic crisis, There is so much plastic in the world,and only 9% of plastic ever being recycled, Recovery and recycling of plastics is rapidly increasing in various countries across the globe,we should be turning it into something.
environment friendly recycled plastic matrial
environment friendly
Kailai plastic planter made with recycled plastic instead of brand-new materials, we believe sustainability is essential to our business, We sources and purchases resin comprised of post-consumer, post-industrial recycled materials for the manufacturing of our plant pot. making them eco-friendly and good for the environment. It is a composite blend, which can mimic the look of stone 、wood 、rattan、ceramic and concrete materials at a more affordable cost and a fraction of the weight. we strive to use 100% recycled materials in the majority of our plant containers. it is our responsibility to communicate how our products are used and disposed of so everyone can make more informed decisions with comfort and ease.

Kailai planters reduce the solid waste sent to landfills by using recycled plastic.It has minimal environmental impact associated with its fabrication and manufacture, Compared with concrete planter, stone planters, ceramic planter and wooden planters, it also have the advantage of being shock and shatter proof, eco-friendly, recyclable,lightweight yet durable, cost-effective, easy movable and so on.

Choosing recycled plastic products provides both environmental and economic benefits for you and the world around you.

Kailai plastic is a leading China supplier of garden planters and large modern pots for plants, Our modern、vintage、nordic、classic and contemporary designs make our planters an ideal addition to the home、balcony、patio or garden.

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