The 4 Best Barrel Planters for Your Outdoor Space
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The 4 Best Barrel Planters for Your Outdoor Space

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The 4 Best Barrel Planters for Your Outdoor Space

If you prefer modern decor, a minimalist ceramic or smooth effect planter may suit for you. But if your style tends to be classical or rustic, These barrel planter will add a cozy vibes to your outdoor space or garden. It looks like a real whiskey or wine barrel. made of recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic, lightweight yet durable, and has been popular in the European and American markets in the past two years.

As the source factory, Kailai Plastic provides the market with three different styles of barrel planters.

barrel planter


Add a vintage appeal to your home, garden and patio with this rustic half-barrel flower pot. This planter is ideal for flowers, trees, and plants to complement your outdoor and indoor decor. Made out of sturdy plastic, wood- looking and weather-resistant material. The diameter of this barrel planter is 38 cm and 51cm, The antique burnt finish will add a rustic country appearance to your garden and outdoor living. What's more, this pot has holes at the bottom for convenient plant care.

plastic barrel planter


These round barrel planters are available in many gorgeous color customization, surface coated with a layer of protective lacquer, prevent it from fading in the sun, plus there’s a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent decay, this barrel planter is attractive enough to be mistaken for real hardwood. the pot is made from durable high density resin, weather-resistant, It comes in different sizes, the diameter of this flower pot is 15, 20, 23, 30, 40, 56cm, In addition to ease of maintenance, another advantage is that it is more lightweight, You'll appreciate it once it's filled with soil.

whiskey barrel planter


The 11-inch planters are made of fade and weather-resistant high-density resin, with metal-like hoops ringing the rounded faux-wood sides. UV protected to prevent color from fading and delivered with drainage holes for outdoor use. The attractive finish is a stylish way to add visual impact on your patio, deck, or entry way.



The imitated wood barrel planters are made from mixed recycled plastic and lime powder materials, compared with resin flower pot, these pot will be more thick, and will be more durable, suitable for outdoor use, the diameter of this flowerpot is 40cm, you can customize the color you want, and you can also choose different packing way to packing your products, We usually choose cartons or wooden pallets to pack, which is convenient for your transportation.

In addition, we also have some other similar products on the market, such as concrete effect planter, ceramic effect planter, rattan effect planter, stone effect planter etc, we usually mark product properties are made of resin, because our product is different from the small nursery pot on the market, our products slants big, suitable for home interior decoration or outdoor use.

Kailai plastic is a leading China supplier of garden planters and large modern pots for plants, Our modern、vintage、nordic、classic and contemporary designs make our planters an ideal addition to the home、balcony、patio or garden.

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