Best Indoor Plant Pots And Large Planters For 2022
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Best Indoor Plant Pots And Large Planters For 2022

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Best Indoor Plant Pots And Large Planters For 2022

As the source manufacturer, our product designers will develop some new products for the company every year, of course, most of them are color and surface treatment innovation on existing mold, so as to enrich our product line. We will also recommend the latest products to our customers.

Based on our existing products, I'm here to recommend the best indoor plant pot and large planters for 2022.



Self-watering indoor planters minimize the hassle and reduce the chance of error involved in houseplant care. Equipped with a water reservoir ,the kalai plastic indoor planter is a simply way to make sure your plants never go thirsty.

This self-watering plastic pot comes from a China's brand well-known for its quality planters. Measuring 22、28、35、43 centimeters in diameter , this Kailai version is good for small to medium houseplants.



This planter are made from a mixture of recycled plastic and lime powder, They are 12, 15, 19 inches in diameter and are made by a compression molding process. the surface is painted so as to achieve the effect of imitating ceramic. these glossy pots accentuate your brilliantly colored florals and greenery. A heavy resin construction provides protection against harmful UV rays and a resistance to cracking. Compared with ceramic planters, this glazed planter has the advantages of lightweight, cheap and easy to move. It is very popular in the United States and Europe.



Kailai tall square planters add a stamp of quality to your garden. made from top quality plastic, but designed to look authentically sandstone or granite, these planters meet all your gardening needs. Great value, portable and attractive, they are robust enough to last several winter seasons. This planter is 22.5 inches tall and is suitable for most houseplants and decorations. In addition, the planter can be fitted with an inner tray to prevent root rot.



There are lots of nice large planter pots on the market, While having a pot that matches your decor is important, a well-designed pot will also save you a lot of hassle. The best pots for indoor plants will have design features like drainage and be made of the right material to keep those ferns, succulents, and other plants alive and thriving. This planters come in three sizes, 13, 15 and 17 inches in diameter, Suitable for many large plants.



Ceramic and plastic are the most common materials for indoor plant pots. Choosing the right planter will make caring for your plants way easier. With one of these high-style indoor planters, your greenery will be looking its best no matter when you last remembered to water it. The diameter of this planter is 23、30 and 40 cm and can be used for most plants. Although the planter did not attract more attention in the picture, it was very popular in the supermarket and was praised by the market for its high quality and high appearance.

As the source factory, Kailai Plastic has more diversified flower pots to choose from. Different sizes, colors, styles and sizes can be customized according to your requirements. We also look forward to providing dealers with more high-quality and inexpensive products in 2022.

Kailai plastic is a leading China supplier of garden planters and large modern pots for plants, Our modern、vintage、nordic、classic and contemporary designs make our planters an ideal addition to the home、balcony、patio or garden.

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